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-"Aloha.  You can relax knowing that my artistic vision, expertise with the camera, and 12 years experience on this island will result in magnificent images of you and your loved one(s). I believe in Aloha.  That translates into excellent service, reasonable prices, and a relaxed enjoyable signaturetime together as we capture your special moments in one of the most beautiful places in the world."


Maui Wedding Photography - JJ
Picture yourself on the most beautiful island in the world. The drama of contrasting white sandy beaches, black lava, crashing waves and palms waving in the trades as nature paints a new and unique canvas at sunset is a backdrop that begs for you and your loved ones to step in and make a permanent memory. You wont go home with just pictures. Pictures soon go in a drawer and are forgotten. You will go home with art worthy of display in your home.

At 6’11”, John is without a doubt the tallest Maui photographer. That means he has a unique perspective on the world.  Many photographers use ladders or step stools to achieve that desired angle.  His height is a great asset during a wedding as he can shoot over people and remain unobtrusive. Learn more about John on his Biography page. John shoots with the Canon 5D and uses Canon equipment exclusively. His clearly defined Policies eliminate any unwelcomed surprises for you later on.

You will look your best when you’re at ease and having fun. One of John's strengths as a photographer is not only his professional and artistic ability, but his relaxed island style nature. Having lived in Maui for over 12 years, he has a deep respect for the Hawaiian way and truly loves his work. You’ll be the beneficiary of such ideals as Aloha (Love & Respect), Ohana (Family), & Pono (In alignment w/ correct action).

Maui Photography - CompositionCreating timeless photographic art requires a melding of the crucial technical elements of composition, focus, exposure, color and lighting. John has mastered the technical elements. However, to advance “picture taking” to an art form requires much more. You’ll want your photographer to be creative, spontaneous and to have a strong imagination. That’s John to a tee.

The task of the photographic artist is to capture images that tell the story of your love for one another and your time in Maui. Whether you desire Maui wedding photography, family or couple beach portraits with vivid sunsets, John Carty has the experience and the equipment to provide for you the finest images in the most stunning sites on the island. You’ll enjoy your time in the spotlight and he will make sure you and your loved ones shine.

Whether you’re planning a Maui wedding or want sunset portraits, John's balanced approach to photography will give you everything you’re looking for. You’ll want posed shots that don’t look too posed and you’ll want spontaneous candid shots that are reflections of meaningful moments. John can give you both.

Perhaps your goal is a family portrait with a one-of-a-kind Maui beach and sunset in the background. Imagine the kids running and playing on the beach and the loving looks of loved ones watching and having fun. Special shots are arranged to celebrate the anniversary of the grandparents. Then as the sun begins to set, and the vivid colors appear, John will gather your group and capture this life-long memory of your time on Maui. Not only will you have your Maui sunset photos for display in your home, you’ll have the perfect Christmas card if you so choose. You’ll be able to do it because you’ll own the originals.

Invest In MemboriesYes, that’s right. Where most photographers attempt to control the negatives in order to sell you more pictures, in the spirit of Aloha, John believe's the images are yours to with as you please. He will deliver your album with the digital disk so you can view your pictures or order reprints/enlargements whenever you want. That means you can make Christmas cards, posters, or anything you’d like, without restriction or added cost. You’ll have the option to produce your prints in color, black and white or you can even choose sepia tone.

Ask John about his favorite locations for photo shoots such as Ka'anapali Beach or Napili Bay in front of the Napili Village - Lahaina Vacation Rental

"I look forward to meeting you and capturing your unique spirit and the special relationships you have with each other. If you choose me as your Maui photographer, it will be my pleasure to turn your memories of Maui into fine art. It would be my distinct privilege to do so." John Carty


Maui Photography - Family Sunset

Additional services:
  • Hard bound coffee table books
  • Slide show DVD with music that you choose
  • Poster sized enlargements
  • Real Estate photography



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